A twist on the game of consequence, crowdsourced to write possibly the greatest story ever written.
There's no rules, just continue from where the story left off!

Chapter 1

How should the story start?
The girl with red hair had a secret she was holding back from telling everyone.
for rosepaul | 9 votes needed
There hadn't been enough time to see the sights, enough time to monitor the cadence of hues changing across the seemingly innocuous days of autumn. It was this I regretted the most, not the bad decisions that had marked these days, but what they all could have been instead.
for pariahlycan | 10 votes needed
It had been a normal, cold Sunday morning, before IT had burst through the door and grabbed her.
for pave | 8 votes needed
The air shimmered, gold. Arianna looked to the east, anticipating a rainbow. As she turned, the wind knocked her to the ground with such force that she struggled to catch her breath.
for hjah2016 | 8 votes needed
Orange and red cabbage roses danced on the wall. I wished him conscious so he could see them.
for esthergreenwood | 8 votes needed
Bill was looking at the numbers descending on the outside above the doors wishing that he had gone to the toilet in the pub before leaving. Standing and watching, thinking the lift knows. Of course it goes more slowly when you need to piss!
for justin | 4 votes needed
There are three simple ways to start a story.
for tom | 3 votes needed
Wow...I don't believe it did what ?
for charlie | 8 votes needed
Once upon a time there was a big monkey having a mojito on the top of a tree, then something amazing happened.
for laura | 4 votes needed
It was cold and it was dark and I had never seen anything like it before. I had a unnerving feeling like it would not be the last time I would be here. Is this really my only option?
for kris | 8 votes needed
Your turn!